Pakistan Relief Effort. Families Need Help. Here is How to Help.

I received this note just now from my friend Zafar Shahjahan on Facebook.  Just as I was trying to estimate the amounts of money countries around the world are promising to send – which does Not seem to be enough.  Vicki

“Hi Vicki.

Do you know about the heavy flooding in Pakistan. It really vulnerable situation out here in our country especially the northern part.

Report said about 20% of the total land area of Pakistan been covered with flood waters of the indus river. I must plea for your help as you can generate some noise among your friends to donate either in cash or kinds. Will be grateful. :))

If you want you can send the funds directly through Western Union, we can give the money to Pakistan Navy / Pakistan Army who are actually heading the releif and rescue efforts out here. They issue a receipt of the funds received from you as well. It is extremely fair and trusthworthy way and will impact the lives of the affectees.

Great I beleive this goodwill gesture will bring lot to subside the miseries of the deprived people here.

Zafar Shahjahan”

Go to the following link which Western Union has provided for online donations specifically for Pakistan flood victims.  At the same link you will be able to locate the Western Union office nearest to whereyou live if you don’t wish to make an online transaction.

USA Army Joins Pakistan Relief Effort This is a good thing for the USA soldiers to be doing. They are very good at rescue and help. I hope the whole Army will be switched to help with the relief efforts around the world. Vicki

  • Pakistan navy assists flood relief
    Pakistan‘s naval chief visits flood ravaged regions as the nation’s military spearheads rescue and relief efforts.
  • Landslides complicate Pakistan flood relief efforts | Reuters
    . . .  struggled on Monday to reach at least a million people cut off by landslides that have complicated relief efforts after the worst floods in Pakistan . .
  • Amphib, helos join Pakistan flood relief effortNavy News … TAMPA, Fla. — The United States is more than tripling the number of helicopters it is providing to help in flood-ravaged          Pakistan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates …

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