Outdated Technology Has Its Good Points

Call Me an Old-fashioned Girl, but I like My Outdated Technology Just Fine

My Grandpa courted my Grandma during the Great Depression. Grandma would say, “We barely had any food to cook. But we had eggs so I would make your Grandpa pie with meringue using the egg whites. He was over visiting a lot so I guess he liked those pies.”

My Grandma didn’t have a fancy egg beater let alone aStand Mixer with a stainless steel wire whip to attach, a high performance motor and ten speed controls.

I marveled at how adaptable Grandma was to new electrical products that were invented in her lifetime. Then I started thinking about all the modern technology that has become available in my lifetime. Much becomesoutdated technology although the technology may be barely a year old or even less.

There is always some new technology I need to learn. I grumble when I have to take time to learn something new, especially when it comes to my laptop or the Internet.

When it comes to household technology I am very slow to make a change. There are many technologies considered outdated that I still use.

• I don’t own a clothes dryer; I hang wet clothes out to dry by the sun.

• I don’t use an electric blow dryer for my hair and I doubt I will ever get the hang of using one.
One day my children saw my box of rollers and clippies. They touched them in awe like rollers were
museum objects. As teenagers they just laughed every time I set my hair.

• I download eBooks from Lebrary but I print out the books so I can read them on paper. I noticed
kids can curl around their laptop computers in all kinds of unusual positions. They manage just fine.
I like the idea of curling up with words on paper much better.

• I still buy vinyl records to play on my record player which is about 26 years old. My friends are shocked
when shopping; they see me duck into an old fashioned record shop. But I’m not going to hide my hobby.
I like it!

• My partner at Asnycnow Radio can hear my clackety clak keyboard over Skype when we are doing live programs.

He is shocked that I have such an old Microsoft keyboard. My keyboard is nice for me though.
I like the clackety clak typing like I’m using an old fashioned typewriter.