Repeat of rock history and current rock bands :-)

The first we´ll repeat last article 🙂

Rock in the broadest sense, can perhaps identify all popular recording since 1950. Its essential feature is the emphasis on rhythm and the use of instruments with amplified sound, mostly guitar.

The basis of the earliest forms rokenrolu the blues. Rock’n’roll was first popularized musicians as Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley, who combined blues and country sounds into a style known as rockabilly. Rockabilly style quickly became one of the most popular genres.

Early 60th 20th year century British music group inspired by American blues and R & B and became known on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean as the “British invasion”. Its most important representatives were The Beatles, The Rolling Stones … British rock wool is gradually focused on the psychedelic rock, which became the basis for improvisation in the song can be.
The most striking representative of the psychedelic rock group Pink Floyd. Create variations and development issues between the various musical themes formed the basis for the emergence of progressive rock.

Some groups have been strongly focused on the British blues music later became the major representatives of the genre known as hard rock (The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, which version of the glam rock (T-Rex, Slade, The Sweet, David Bowie . The dark version of hard rock was the basis of which is under the joint name of heavy metal (Black Sabbath)

At the end of the 70th 20th year century, began his musical style called the era of rebellious punk rock (The Clash, The Ramones and the Sex Pistols).  About punk rock I have to tell something more. Punk rock´s not just a music. It´s lifestyle. Punk rockers are people who lives for ” sex, drugs and rock´n´roll” I´ll tell about punk-rock music more in other article especially, ´cause punk rock music is closely related with my past.

These basic rock genres mutual influence and mixing styles and musical ideas have in the next decade, the emergence of different music styles. The punk has evolved as new wave, post punk, hardcore punk and alternative rock, from heavy metal, glam metal, death metal and black metal. Alternative rock became popular in the 90th 20th century and became the basis for the emergence of genres such as britpop, gothic rock, emo and grunge music(Nirvana)

I have to say that bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, The Clash, The Ramones, Sex Pistols and Nirvana aren´t just ordinary bands. It´s cult bands!

Now I´ll talk about  the current rock bands!

Goo Goo Dolls are American rock band formed in 1986 in Buffalo, New York.  Members are John Rzeznik, Robby Takac, Mike Malinin. The most popular sings are “Iris” , which won : Grammy awards from 1988 for Song of the year, song of the year, Best pop performance by a duo or band with vocals. Other awards: 2000: Best pop performance by a duo or band with vocals : “Black Balloon” ,The Average lives of student music awards: 2008: The excellence award.  2008: Songwriters Hall of fame: Hall David Starlight Award. Discography: 66 Dolls(1987), Jed(1989), Hold me up(1990), Superstar car wash(1993), Gutterflower(2002), Let love in(2006), Something for the Rest of Us(2010). And my own impression of their music : Very, very good! Now I´m listening song Iris and I´m sure it´s fantastic, very emotional song : evidenced by the verse of the song : ” And you can´t fight the tears that ain´t coming” . Very good band!

Deep blue something are American rock band. The group was founded in 1993 in Huntsville, Texas. Members:  Todd Pipes, John Kirtland, Clay Bergus, Kirk Tatom. Discography: 11th Song(1993), Home(1994), Byzantium(1998), Deep Blue Something(2001). I love this band and their famous song ” Breakfast at Tiffany” . This song makes me happy! :-)))

3 doors down are American hard rock band from Escatawpa, Mississipppi. Members: Brad Arnold, Matt Roberts, Todd Harrell, Chris Henderson, Greb Upchurch. Discography: The better life( 2000), Away from the sun ( 2002),  Seventeen days( 2005) , 3 doors down ( 2008).

Next article will be devoted other rock bands! 🙂 Be surprised! 🙂