Nicaragua rainy season leaves 34 dead

Flood Damages Bridge in Nicaragua August, 2010

Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:2AM  Floods and landslides have been wreaking havoc on the country, killing eight more people this week, including a four year-old girl, who was crushed by a tree in Jinotega Department in north central Nicaragua.

According to Army Colonel Nestor Solis, of the 34 people killed this rainy season, almost two-thirds died in August, AFP reported.

The floods and landslides have also hit the northern department of Nueva Segovia, the central department of Boaco, and the northwestern departments of Masaya and Granada.

Almost 500 homes have been damaged and 900 families have been evacuated to temporary shelters.

According to the country’s civil defense authorities, the landslides have destroyed many coffee, banana and fruit plantations. (RBK/TG/MGH)

Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:54AM   Rescue workers recovered the bodies of three people on Saturday who were buried in a mudslide a day earlier, emergency management office spokesman Lt. Col. Nestor Solis said.

The mudslide also destroyed the house of a couple and their two sons, one 10 years old and another 18 months old. The 10-year-old boy was the only survivor.

A woman drowned Friday in Nicaragua’s northern province of Matagalpa when she was swept away by a strong current.

Civil defense authorities say the other deaths over the past two weeks were a result of reckless river crossings.

They also report that landslides have destroyed many coffee, banana and fruit plantations.

The torrential rains, which started on Aug. 7, have affected about 2,000 people.   (MP/MGH)

Flooded Road in Nicaragua August, 2010