How to Look at Japanese Art Review

A Book Review from Ms Ruth Paget

A scene (AZUMA YA: East Wing) of Illustrated scroll of Tale of Genji (written by MURASAKI SHIKIBU(11th cent.). The scroll was made in about ACE 1130 and stored in TOKUGAWA Museum, Japan. The image source is GENJI-MONOGATARI-EMAKI published by the MUSEUM, 1937.

Addis’ book How to Look at Japanese Art provides a key to understanding Japanese art from all eras.

“What makes each of the subjects compelling reading, particularly of painting, is Addiss’ ferreting out of those aspects of Japanese art that make it unique,” including: naturalness, similar techniques as to photography and more. Interested? Please continue by clicking “Book Review” above or following the link at the bottom of the page.

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"How to Look at Japanese Art" by S. Addiss