The Week Ahead: 6 September -12 September 2010

Here are some of the stories that may show up in the headlines next week:

45  people have been buried in landslides in Guatemala which occurred overnight before Sunday morning. Many of the dead were people trying to rescue victims of an earlier landslide which happened on Saturday. The toll is expected to rise as more bodies are uncovered and a national day of mourning was declared for Monday.

A number of boat accidents in the Democratic Republic of Congo is believed to have killed over 200 people. The accidents are believed to be due to poor safety procedures and river boats are a common way of transport.

The Basque (Northern Spain) separatist group Eta has declared a ceasefire today, vowing to stop carrying out armed attacks. The organisation claims it took the decision months ago in order “to put in motion a democratic process”. This announcement comes after the arrests of several Eta leaders and initial reactions remain cautious.

Britain and France prepare for major strikes. In France the country’s two largest unions will hold a national day of strikes and protests on Tuesday against a proposed pension reform debated in the country’s National Assembly. Maintenance and Engineering staff for the London Underground (metro) will be conducting a series of 24 hour strikes during the week.

Also in the news this week

This coming week marks the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York of 2001. For Muslims the week also marks the end of Ramadan with the annual festivities of Eid ul-Fitr on Friday 10 September. Some US Muslims are now worried that the festivities around Eid will be misinterpreted after the recent heated debate around a proposed Islamic Center near the site known as “Ground Zero” in New York.