Daughters, so Grown-up! Until Mom’s Near-by

It All Starts with an Argument About a Metaphor!

“Now there’s a metaphor for you,” Kleo lazily gazed at the neighbor’s house on the corner.”What metaphor? I don’t see a metaphor,” Natalia protested as she poured, just a bit, more wine into her Italian crystal goblet.”Well, look at the grapevine covered roof. All those luscious fat purple grapes are tied into plastic bags to protect them.””Protect them from what?” giggled Natalia.

Kleo grimaced at her sister before quietly explaining, “From the birds, stupid girl! The birds like ripe purple grapes, too.””Well, Princess Kleo, I would have remembered that in another two seconds if you didn’t have to always be such a show off!”

Natalia slowly raised her glass as she looked at the vineyard on top of the neighbor’s roof. “And the metaphor is?””Hmm,” Kleo rolled her eyes. “O.K. now look at the new grey iron gate they just put at the corner of their lot where they pull in their cars to park. Tell me what you see there.”

“Do you mean like Aesop’s bird that tricked the fox and ate all the grapes? I didn’t know we had crows all over our neighborhood.””Well, smart like that bird but not crows! These are mostly pigeons. Think, ‘Doves’. But if you ever woke up early in the morning like I do to go to class, you would see lots of other kinds of birds singing and flirting about the house. And you would see seagulls, too. They come inland more when the air is fresh.””Ok, you’re right. Verrry inter-est-ing.” Natalia was almost sarcastic, in a Laugh-In -German-soldier kind of way, but not too much.

“Please, don’t jump up and bring your binoculars here. Drink some wine so we can make up new toasts so we have some on hand when we go out with our friends. Drink some wine and relax. Look at the sea, watch the clouds go by.

Pretty soon the sky will start changing colors as the sun sets. Relax, big sister.””OK. Pour me some wine. I’ll drink wine with you if it will keep you focused on what we are talking about. Do you agree to have a normal conversation with me? That means a conversation with a beginning, middle and an end? Agreed?””Agreed!” Natalia poured her sister a full glass of wine and cried out, “Metaphors! Ha, I remember what we were talking about!””Whoa, good job! I almost forgot! The gate they just put up has hearts shaped with iron rails.

The hearts are big enough they look good all in a line there. I know you can see them. You are the only one in the family that doesn’t need eyeglasses.””My daughter, Asproula doesn’t need eyeglasses,” Natalia reminded Kleo.”That’s true and I don’t know how to break this to you but Asproula is our pet dog. She isn’t really your daughter.””Why do you always have to say such mean stuff? Mom calls herself Asproula’s grandmother so leave me alone!'”OK, OK so you have all the clues you need about the metaphor. The plastic bags covering the succulent grapes, the hearts in a line on the new gate . . . get it?”

“I get it Kleo that you don’t know what a metaphor is in real life. Only in Kleo’s reality would those ingredients make a metaphor. You can go get your binoculars if I can go get a dictionary!””We’re not playing Scrabble! We’re having a conversation. Who gets up in a middle of a conversation to look up words in a dictionary?”

“Ah hem. Our Mom always does!””Yes, you’re right. And you know our Mom is a very weird person. Cuddly and sweet, but, you know, a Nerd.””Yeah, you are right there. Metaphor. Luscious hearts of iron drip with plastic wine. How’s that?””Oh, is that a metaphor?” Kleo has almost emptied her glass already. Whoops there it goes, she swallows down the rest of her wine. “Isn’t a metaphor about two different things that you connect in a way that usually wouldn’t make any sense?””Shh, here comes Mom so quiet down unless you want a lecture on ‘Figures of Speech in the English Language.’ Anyway I’ve known all along you just wanted to tell a condom joke! Just tell it now and get it over with!””Ha. What do you know? I wanted to make you say condom before I had to say it. And I did it! It happened!””You know Kleo, you are weird, too. Your weirdness is called ‘Queen of the Secrets’ that no one else knows or cares about.””Shh, there’s Mom walking back from Mrs. Georgia’s shop.

She’s carrying bags of fruit and vegetables. Should we go help here?””No, it’s summer vacation. She probably wants us to relax all we can.”Shouting erupts in the quiet neighborhood,

“Girls, get down here and help me carry all this food. You’re going to eat it, too! You saw me and you didn’t even come down to help? You can carry it all back to the house and put it away, too!

“Two young ladies groan as they jump up from their comfortable seats on the shaded balcony. They run down to help their mother and give her lots of kisses, telling her how cute she looks.In about two minutes all three are giggling in the kitchen as they put juicy oranges in a basket, fresh Cretan bananas on top of the oranges and settle green kiwi with the yellow and orange fruit.