Objective reporting on Greece hard to find in International Media

Trucks lined up on Athens highway (September 13, 2010)

A big thank you to AJE for changing the wording when describing the Greek truck driver’s strike from “protesting competition” to “protesting the new reforms” or “the restructuring” by the government.

Greeks in general are THE most competitive people in the world.  Most thrive on competition. So using the wording “protesting competition” isn’t accurate and rejects the complicated situation.

The truck drivers are experiencing what our truck drivers experienced when the world changed to Capitalistic Democracy from “one for all and all for one.”  That change hasn’t work out well for the USA.

Very unfortunate that the government has been pushed against the wall to the point of suffociation while trying to meet everyone’s needs.  On the other hand, thank goodness we are led by the young Papandreiou rather than the Senior Papandreiou.

The schism between generations in the political parties, especially the Social Democrats (PASOK) is very deep and seemingly intractable.  Instead of nurturing young member or allowing new faces to progress into party leadership positions the older generation is holding on to control by tooth and nail.

(PASOK is the party I have knowledge of and it is the most popular political party in Crete.  It’s anyone’s guess what is going to happen with New Democracy after their uncaring and corrupt most recent five year rule.  No other party has stepped forward with alternative solutions that resonate with a majority of the population.)


A few moments ago I had the unpleasant experience of hearing a negatively slanted “report” or comments, perhaps, from a female news anchor on AJE.  Of all the television channels in the world, I expect better from AJE.  But whenever I hear racism, especially against Greeks, I must comment.

Another female news announcer has tinged her report on Greece with racism, and no surprise, she appears to be English of the British persuasion.

Is it in fact accurate to say that “truck drivers are striking because they don’t want competition?”  Or would it be more accurate to say “Truck drivers are striking due to the threat of losing out to cheap labor who will make a NAFTA like impact on Greece?”

An earlier report by a male reporter, also English-British, ignored a chance to get information from the labor leader of the dock workers choosing instead to chastise the the workers on boats for ruining chances Greek tourism by striking. (As there is always the assumption that tourism is the only thing Greece can do, after all.)

But sailors and dock workers have legitimate fears. And the democracy of Greece has legitimate fears of going the way of the superpowers (downwards) if workers are not respected and given a chance to live in dignity and educate their children.

Greek workers are not stupid as many, many in the world like to think, nor are they slaves.  They know their rights may be eroded (or perhaps have already been eroded) when non union corporations enter Greece.  An objective report would be refreshing.

(Portions of these comments originally in comments on “AJE Your Views.”)

I’ll continue to write about this  colonial-racism as practiced by the USA and English-British is alive and well.  I brush off the hyper-racists channels in England and Germany most of the time. There seems to be no hope for them.  Even my American Pulitzer Prize winning hero has joined in the derisive comments.  So many writers in the USA jeered the Olympics going to Athens that finally after the honorable and creative presentation by the Greeks, some were moved to apologize.

Many in the USA firmly believe that the only racism that exists in the world is between white skinned and other colored skinned peoples.  Sadly that is not the case. )