The Week Ahead: 13 September -19 September 2010

Here are some of the stories likely to show up in the headlines in the week ahead.

Afghanistan heads for the polls, Nethanyahu and Abbas meet for a second round of negotiations and the Pope visits Britain.

In Afghanistan, it has become time for parliamentary elections. The elections are scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 18, and are for the 249 seats in the House of the People (Wolesi Jirga). Human Rights Watch, an international Human Rights watchdog, recently issued a report claiming that the elections were severely threatened by violence.

Binyamin Nethanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas are meeting for a second round of direct negotiations after the meet for the first time in nearly two years on September 2. Nethanyahu recently announced that the moratorium on new settlements in the West Bank would end and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas has previously said that a settlement freeze is a requirement for continued talks. The UN Security Council will also this week hold a meeting on peace between Israel and Palestine.

On Thursday Pope Benedict XVI begins a state visit to the United Kingdom. The visit will definitely attract attention, especially in light of the revelations of widespread sexual abuse within the Catholic church. It has been reported that the pope is likely to meet some of the victims involved in the cases from Great Britain.

Also in the news this week:

Guinea would be heading into a presidential run-off election at the end of this week, but on Sunday clashes between the two competing parties broke out leaving one dead and 50 injures. The presidential election in Guinea on June 27 was a landmark election, but no candidate received enough votes to get a clear majority. Now it’s up to electoral officials to decide if the election can go ahead.

The US continues with primary elections before the general election in November, London begins its Fashion Week and Germany holds its annual Oktoberfest.