ASNYCNOW Highlight: Chinese Culture at Your…Computer!

This week on Asnycnow Radio 3’s Culture with Ruth Paget, I will be interviewing Judy Zhu about the necessity of learning culture and language together as we explore China’s ancient yet dynamic culture on Sunday, September 26th at noon E.S.T. (New York Time) on

Judy Zhu is a tenured Chinese-language professor and trainer of language professors.  She is an award-winning poet in China and runs a consulting firm.  Her first English-language book is Modern Chinese Cultural Encounters Volume 1: Studying and Traveling in ChinaModern Chinese Cultural Encounters features quizzes based on interactions with Chinese people and uses quiz answers to pragmatically teach about Chinese culture.

Judy Zhu is a wonderful bilingual and bicultural guide to Chinese culture. Please join us on Sunday, September 26, 2010 at noon E.S.T. (New York Time) on on asnycnow radio 3.

—-Ruth Paget