Peace Walk – Walk in Your City in the USA or in the Middle East

Peace Walks. Free Palestine Walks. Organized by the American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights (AAPER).

Organized by American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights.

Peace Walks  October 9th, 2010 Walk in your city in the USA or in the Middle East.

Greetings to Collective Consciousness (CC) members in Clemson , South
Carolina and world-wide.

This is Taiyo Davis and I miss all of you who I have come across at
Clemson University and worked with on various human rights issues. I am
now in the Middle East working on the Palestine/Israel conflict. I hope
whatever path you have traveled in your life has given you satisfaction
and fulfillment. I am living mine while teaching languages to
Palestinian and Iraqi refugees and making contacts with other
organizations in the Middle East willing to promote peace with
Americans. To develop a Middle East, Israeli, and American
Consicousness for peace 🙂

This October 9th, the AAPER is having marches all across the U.S. for
peace in Palestine/Israel. The URL below is a link to a list of cities all
across the United States where AAPER marches will take place and
information where and when. Please look at the cities and states and
choose yours if you want to march with others who believe in Peace and
Equality in Israel/Palestine. If you do not want or can not attend the
marches, please donate money to this cause.

Last year the AAPER had only 15 states host these marches. This year ,
they have about 35 states. The AAPER numbers are rising and perhaps the
day in which we will march on Washington DC is not so far away a dream 🙂

As an AAPER Coordinator, I am proud of the AAPER’s accomplishments and
know that if we want peace in the Israel/Palestine conflict, we have to
have either two governments (Israel and Palestine) that respect each other
and protect the rights of its citizens or one government (Israel or
Palestine) that protects the rights of its citizens with equality. The US
needs to begin to set the example by having an equitable US foreign policy
as a leader and funder of this dilemma.

It is without doubt with the blockade of food and supplies to Gaza and
consistent loss of lands of the Palestinians, the Palestinians are the
weaker and we have an obligation to protect and stand with the weaker
while simultaneously reaffirming the right of Israel to secure its future
by protecting herself.

Register to walk in your city at the AAPER site.

T-shirt available from AAPER.

While the AAPER and other Americans are pushing for an equitable US
foreign policy for BOTH Palestinians and Israelis, there other
organizations such as Collective Consciousness who are doing what we can
here in the Middle East. Please keep this in mind as we have
endured many sacrifices and tribulations to help humanity.

I miss all of you and if I do not have the privilege to see you in this
lifetime, I pray that mine and others’ sacrifices for our creator’s
children will allow us to see each other above 🙂


Taiyo W. Davis
AAPER Coordinator
Amnesty International Organizer
American Families United Coordinator
Co-founder of the Clemson Asian Student Association
Founder of Collective Consciousness (Clemson University Branch)
MA History
A Proud Clemson University Graduate Student

Here is what Collective Consciousness did last year in SC:

Here is what I have been up to in Syria :

(Sorry I can’t post the video because I am in Greece an Sony Music Entertainment has blocked it. Vicki)

Last year’s Peace Walk, 2009. Clemson University, South Carolina.