The Collaborator of Bethlehem – Review

The Collaborator of Bethlehem: An Omar Yussef Mystery (Mariner Books, 2008) by Matt Beynon Rees combines the traditional murder mystery with cultural anthropology to form a new genre: the ethnographic murder mystery.

While hairs stand up on readers’ arms as middle school history teacher cum detective Omar Yussef examines cadavers and parleys with machine-gun toting Palestinian liberation fighters in the West Bank, readers learn cultural tidbits that include:

· How Arab parents name themselves after their first born son
· How to be hospitable in Arab culture, including the different ways to drink coffee
· How students address and behave towards teachers
· How household decorating differs between Arab Christians and Muslims

Shards of culture like these reflect the efforts of West Bank citizens of all faiths to maintain civility in a society where guns rule and civilians do not have the right to bear arms. In this setting, Omar Yussef attempts to save a former student from murder charges. The justice system that Yussef encounters may infuriate readers yet justice à la West Bank does prevail in The Collaborator of Bethlehem.

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