Cat and Mouse Games in The Kingdom of the Mice

Long, long ago, in a land far away, there was a kingdom of mice. There were gray mice and brown mice, and they fought other constantly over who should be in charge of the kingdom.  Because they were more numerous, the gray mice almost always won.

One day, while the mice were preoccupied with their incessant squabbling, a pack of dogs came over the hill and invaded the kingdom.  They took over and herded the mice, gray and brown alike, into narrow valleys and arid plains, and set about enjoying the beautiful Kingdom of Mice.

Now, among the mice there also lived small cats.  There were black cats with white stripes and white cats with black stripes.  Despite their craftiness, because they were so few in number, they only occasionally ate mice.  When the dogs came, though, they were themselves treated as badly as the mice, and it was forbidden for them to eat mice anymore.

Now, as I’ve said, cats are crafty creatures, and these crafty and vicious little felines resented being told what to do by dogs.  So, they set about undermining the dogs’ control of the Kingdom of Mice.  The black cats with white stripes went to the bears, while the white cats with black stripes went to the dragons, for help in overthrowing the dogs.

It took a long time, but eventually, the dogs were subdued, and the cats seized control of the kingdom.  Now the white cats with black stripes, being more numerous and being aided by dragons who are even more crafty than cats, then turned on the black cats with white stripes and defeated them, taking total control of the Kingdom of Mice.

The mice, who had suffered under the domination of the dogs for so long, were jubilant.  “Free! Free!” They shouted.  “Hail the cats, we are free!”

Lest you think this is the end of the story, dear reader, abide with me for a while.  As mentioned earlier, cats are crafty and sly, as well as vicious, and they do like to eat mice.  Now, after having defeated the dogs, they were no longer inhibited by being fewer in numbers than the mice.  The mice, who at first thought they had been freed, quickly learned that the situation had changed – for the worse.

The cats did not allow the mice to move from the narrow valleys and arid plains.  But, where the dogs were content to merely dominant them and be lords over them, the cats had a voracious appetite for the tender meat of mice, and began to feed.  And, the cats fed and fed, until the streams ran red and the arid ground was stained black with the blood of their victims.

The mice at first trembled in fear, until one day there arose a few in their number, some gray and some brown, who said to the others.  “We far outnumber the cats, and we should not quiver in fear while they devour us.  Some of us will surely perish, but if we come together, we can overwhelm the cats and restore the Kingdom of Mice to its rightful owners.”

Alas, dear reader, I leave what happens after that to your fertile imaginations.