ASNYCNOW Highlight: Murder mysteries in Foreign Lands – Sunday at 12p EST!

We Dedicate this week’s episode of ‘Culture w/ Ruth Paget to Murder Mystery RoundUp featuring Foreign Locations.  Our guest author will be J. Sydney Jones – the author of Requiem in Vienna and The Empty Mirror in the Viennese Mysteries Series.

J. Sydney Jones will be the guest on Culture with Ruth Paget tomorrow October 3, 2010 at 12pm EST (New York Time) 9am PT ( California time) on Asnycnow Radio 3 on  Please join us as we discuss murder mysteries set in foreign lands!

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J. Sydney Jones is the author of a dozen books of fiction and nonfiction, including the first two novels of the Viennese Mystery series, The Empty Mirror and Requiem in Vienna.  He lived for many years in Vienna and has written several other books about the city, including the narrative history, Hitler in Vienna: 1907 – 1913, the popular walking guide Viennawalks, and the thriller, Time of the Wolf. Jones has also lived and worked as a correspondent and freelance writer in Paris, Florence, Molyvos (Greece), and Donegal (Repbublic of Ireland).  He and his wife and son now live on the coast of Central California.