Andy’s Cue: The miners all free, and all is back to normal

On October 14th, 2010 after two months , nine days and eight hours, all 33 miners of the San Jose mine were released and now in hospital waiting to be reconnected with their families.

During the entire ordeal, the world joined together praying that they are back safe and sound , some countries sending materials to help build the Phoenix 2 and some leaders sent messages of support to the Chilean people. Journalists from Russia, The Middle East, and the rest of the world worked together in Chile, put their differences aside and kept their eyes glued to Chilean TV stations covering the ordeal.

The way they were able to maintain hope after not having a good meal and being stuck underground for over two months when most people would give up is absolutely ingenious and proves the pride of the Chilean people is strong and can survive during the most difficult times. For a brief moment, no one was watching or recapping shows that are without a doubt ridiculous and a huge waste of time or were worried about minimal things. During the time, people actually took the time to care about this story rather than talk about what happened at the last sporting game or reality show or scream at each other over the latest issue ( e.g: Ground Zero Mosque, Political Debates, etc..). I was proud of that moment because this shows that people can all get along well with others regardless of race, sex, or lifestyle without screaming at each other’ throats over any Conflicts they may have.

I, for one, wish, this behavior to last but it will not. I would like people to behave like this on a regular basis. It Doesn’t need a group of miners stuck underground to bring out Unity and the best of people.
Eventually, We will all be back to do what we always do, screaming at each other, watching Trashy TV and doing other unnecessary things.

I Just wish that the behavior will last- at least until the end of the year.