Andy’s Cue: Changes to WPIX’s ‘PIX News at Ten’ Fail

On October 11th, 2010, New York’s CW station, WPIX (known on air as PIX11) recently altered their 10 p.m newscast to make it look less like a newscast and more like some app on an iphone.

WPIX GM Bill Carrey said the newscast was to be more fast-paced and created something called the ‘’11 @10’’ which is 11 main stories of that newscast ran through like a countdown list with the reporters rushing through the news having one to three minutes rather than a 5-8 minute news report. Yes, I get it, We’re in the age of people getting their news in a faster pace (CNN’s sister HLN Network is successful for creating and mastering that format) However , that doesn’t mean TV stations have to dumb down their newscast for young people.

And yes, if that means you have drop one the most respected news anchoring team in the city to get attention for the newscast, than you got that attention. Mind You, PIX11 is trying this format a second time, PIX News also had a 630pm Newscast that tried that format only to have that newscast moved up to 6pm on weekends.

The good thing about this change is that PIX is getting a lot of attention over the change and made the newscast feels different than its predecessor (because it is different than the old PIX News at 10)and its only competitor, the FOX 5 News at Ten which is run by rival FOX O&O station FOX 5 WNYW( who, along with sister WWOR My9 is having a dispute with Cablevision). The bad things about these changes are 1) the Weekday Jim Watkins/Kaity Tong team and the Weekend Peter Thorne / Jackie Hyland team was replaced by a single anchoring format of Jodi Applegate (formerly of News 12 Long Island, WNYW ,and MSNBC ) on weekdays and Jim Watkins relegated to Weekends ( which is a demotion).

2) They dumbed down the newscast to something, as I mentioned before, like an iphone app and rushed through the news to the point that you can not get the subject of the stories reported. 3) they are giving less time to those news reports and MORE time to the PIX EDITORIAL team which is made up of Lionel (don’t know who that is) Larry Mendte (formerly of CBS 3 in Philadelphia, who was fired for checking out his co-anchor’s email).

And finally, this is another FAILED attempt to attract viewers who have since started a Facebook page demanding the return of the Watkins/Tong team and have abandoned PIX News at 10 for Fox 5 News at 10. WPIX has finally pushed the viewers over the edge, and PIX thinks they will work, but they failed.