“Man it’s a hot one. Like seven inches from the midday sun . . .”

The corporate elite must be happy as pigs in clover.  “Medicare fraud costing the government billions in an already underfunded program,” the voice of the reporter had the tone used when announcing a group hanging to be held in the town square. Very dramatic.

I’m listening, but not hearing how the amount of dollars in Medicare fraud compares to banking fraud?




Some Medicare fraud is by families doing what they can in order to survive.

Survive meaning the opposite of starving, living on the street,dying . . . that sort of thing; the sort of thing families in the USA have been enduring due to banking fraud for years now.

In Hungary the aluminum company will be running again today according to news reports.  The owner was not found guilty of criminal intent and we can assume not found guilty of taking responsibility either.  The company’s waste sludge pond dumped a two meter wave of  burning alkaline waste over small towns and fields on the way to the Danube River.

People were killed and many are still in the hospital from burns.  A spokesperson, a bit too happily for my taste, promised the citizens that ‘all the topsoil would be replaced if necessary and soon the toxic waste would be in the Danube where biology would take her course.’


A resident rescues a cat from toxic sludge that flooded the village of Devecser, 150 km (93 miles) west of Budapest, October 5, 2010. The Hungarian government has declared a state of emergency in three counties in western Hungary due to an alumina sludge spill which killed at least three people, news agency MTI reported on Tuesday. REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo


His statement brought questions to my mind.  What will be done with the contaminated soil?  Where will it be dumped?

How will the arsenic and mercury and any other toxic metals be removed after the waste enters the Danube River?  Will the waters of the Danube be enough in quantity to immediately dilute the alkalinity to safe levels?

Or did he mean, and then when the toxic mess reaches the Danube it will no longer be my problem?

Bring in the Hungarian water scientists and engineers . . . and any you can spare from the EU.

I want to share some of what the relentless media activist Alice M. wrote to me last evening from Japan.

” . . . I am fine, thanks! Just very sleepy, as spent more than 50 hours awake, watching the Miners rescue from 2 Latin American TVs and translating to tweet in English and Portuguese…

“The English Mainstream had horrible coverage, treating with a preconceived point of view of Human drama. I saw some pics labeling the ´bad ass Miners´ and some other stereotype a la Perez Hilton point of view!”

Today my eyes are tired and I am trying to keep distance of PC,mas how??? It´s impossible! LOL . . . ”   Bravo sou, Alice!


Dust over Egypt, Libya and Mediterranean Sea. 5 Oct 2010 Earth Observatory, NASA


The Sahara came for a visit this week.  Sand  and dust filled the air on Wednesday.  It was hard to breathe even with a mask covering my nose and mouth.  On Thursday the air was scorching hot.  The house stayed comfortable inside except I kept sensing that I had left the burners on the stove. The air from Africa covered the town with a true heat wave.

In the middle of the night a soft continuous rain cooled the town  and cleared the atmosphere.  These episodes are not unusual but the intensity of the heat this year is something new.

Those are my thoughts for today.  Have a good one.

“You’re my reason for reason”

“Man it’s a hot one.  Like seven inches from the midday sun . . .”