Andy’s Cue: Why the NY Governor’s Debate failed to get Voters’ attention

Yesterday on October 18th , The Race for the New York Governor’s seat got testy during a debate that was on the News 12 Channels of Long Island, Westchester, The Bronx and Brooklyn and on, However the debate wasn’t as testy or exciting as most Political Debates.

The debate was highlighted by only two well-known candidates : Andrew Cuomo(D) and Tea Party endorsed candidate Carl Paladino ( R ) , the rest was filled with 5 other candidates that most New Yorkers didn’t know about, much less knew their names.

This Debate left a lot that needed to be desired by the voters if any of the candidates want to be taken seriously. To reiterate, most New Yorkers, the other five candidates are absolute nobodies so that left the would-be voters confused for who to vote for.

Should there be a next gubernatorial debate there should be some guidelines a)the debate should be carried on a channel that airs in all five boroughs of New York City, not some areas that have Cablevision owned News 12 b) there should be more press about the next debate, because to me, the debate did not get much press and was kind of rushed c) Have the debates give the candidates a chance to explain to the audience and the would-be voters at home who are the candidates and what do they plan on doing if elected.

Well, If there is a next debate, I do think its time to introduce ourselves to the other five candidates because if we see them on TV again, we need to know who they are.

If we dont know who the candidates REALLY are, come November its going to add EVEN more confusion to the November Elections.