Andy’s Cue: Why WWE NXT deserves better treatment from WWE

After the October 19th episode of the WWE NXT broadcast (which airs on NXT.WWE.COM for American visitors and is carried through other parts of the world via TV) I noticed that the show was full of screwups. First, The microphone that was used by Smackdown Consultant and NXT pro Vickie Guerrero ( widow of WWE legend Eddie Guerrero) was supposed to Say ‘NXT’, but was upside-down and was read as ‘TXN’.

Then there was a match between Kaitlyn ( Vickie’s NXT) rookie and Karlee “Maxine” Perez (rookie of WWE Monday Night RAW’s Alicia Fox) with the ‘pros’ were given open mics and basically took the role of commentators/cheerleaders. And following that, on the internet stream, they replayed a promo for Friday Night Smackdown(airing on Syfy) despite the ‘encounter’ between Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio already occurred.
When the show returned. there was a ‘Name that Body’ competition where the women had to guess the person who goes along with the bodies shown on the giant screen dubbed ‘TitanTron’. They gave the women air horns nearly making NXT presenter Matt Striker (of SmackDown) deaf.

The NXT commentators Michael Cole and Josh Mathews were bored out of their minds, as was I and were wishing the event be over with already.

I understand, that this was the first web-exclusive WWE had had since cancelling ‘WWE Heat’ in 2008 the second Pro wrestling/reality show hybrid type show Since “WWF/E Tough Enough” was cancelled, and they are trying to pick the next “WWE Diva’’ (WWE’s term for Women wrestlers) but in order for this show and the contestants to be taken seriously, WWE needs to treat as the way they treat Raw and Smackdown, and the Secondary show ‘WWE Superstars’ and not treat the show as a lame excuse to win the female demographics (since WWE TV is PG , they are going after 12-25 age group)

WWE needs to give Viewers reason to watch NXT (other than the constant botches/screwups) because they are dragging this show out way too long. My suggestion either make it a Unisex show ( featuring both males and females) or just males because an all Divas show really bombs in the ratings.

At the very least it is lasting longer than that All-Divas ECW on Syfy experiment. WWE NXT Fails, but its hilariously bad.