The Week Ahead: 25 October – 31 October 2010

Here are some of the stories destined for this weeks headlines.
The Wikileaks Iraq Warlogs, Brazil and Tanzania head for the polls and a rally to restore sanity.

The whistleblower website WikiLeaks on Friday released almost 400000 US military logs detailing events from the war in Iraq. The documents, known as the Iraq Warlogs, are sure to be a subject frequently dealt with in the coming weeks.

On Sunday Brazil will conduct its second round of the presidential election. The two candidates facing off are Dilma Rousseff and José Serra. Also on Sunday, Tanzania will be holding presidential and legislative elections.

Satirical talk show host Jon Stewart is holding a “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Washington DC on Saturday, advocating a more productive and less hostile political climate in the US. At the same time as this is happening, Jon Stewart’s conservative counterpart Steven Colbert will be heading a counter-protest under the banner “Keep Fear Alive”.

Also in the news this week.

The UK’s House of Commons defence committee will be holding an Afghanistan hearing with military officials on Tuesday.