Andy’s Cue: 3 weeks in, PIX News at Ten’s new format is still not welcomed

Since the changes to WPIX’s News at 10 went into effect on October 11th, Viewers are STILL infuriated that the changes wont be undone.

The new change in format includes the well-known anchoring team of Kaity Tong and Jim Watkins was broken up, Graphics looking like an iphone app and a public-access show and featured some reporters speeding through their stories.
The bottom line is it would no longer be a traditional newscast but a newscast on speed or ‘news on a fast lane’, the HLN network has had a success with this formula, but Pix’s version is basically like a summary of news lasting nothing more than 8 minutes leaving viewers wanting to know the full story and know the back-story or the issue presented in news reports without being left behind.

I was one of the viewers of Pix News at Ten, who feel frustrated with the new formatting changes and has made the switch to the only other newscast in town –WNYW’s ‘Fox 5 News at Ten’(until the News Corp/Cablevision dispute threw WNYW off the air for Cablevision subscribers.) I have since switched to watching the CBS 2 News at 5 and 6, and then catching the news via 1010 WINS or for International news via online on France 24 Tv and BBC World Service.

Since I first talked about this issue on October 15th, I have received many comments and emails about the changes at ‘Pix News at Ten’ from fellow angry viewers who were left out in the cold, Some were against the presenter of the weekday edition of the ‘Pix News at Ten’( which was renamed PIX11@ 10) Jodi Applegate and some are calling for the return of the old format. Some of their comments have said they will no longer watch WPIX at 10pm and has made the switch to Fox 5 News.

One Person, Mike wrote to me via replying to the post and said he can no longer watch news at 10pm because PIX’s changes and WNYW being off the air due to a dispute with WNYW’s parent News Corp :
“I can’t stand the new format. The show is chopped up nonsense, they seem to have demoted everyone who made the old 10 o’clock news great, even the video is awful. What is Kaity(Tong) doing interviewing someone in LIC( Long Island City), and why do I have to watch film of the back of her head? Didn’t anyone edit this? The AAMCO monkey-with-the-bat could do better. What moron came up with this? I can’t watch. And I can’t watch Fox 5 because I have Cablevision, so no more 10 o’clock news for me.”
Another Person, Tom P. wrote about the style of reporting and WPIX’s Commentators taking center stage: “I agree that the 10PM newcast(sic) at WPIX is a mess. I like Jodi Applegate, but not in this format, she is WAY too light. I like some of the reporters – Mocker, Howard, Mendte – but the format is a mess. Almos(sic) unwatchable.”
Bob Kurcharski replied to the story by saying “The new format is so awful that the station no longer merits viewing. There sould(sic) be a management change, not a change in personnel, save for Lionel.”

Of all the people who replied to the story published on the”Andy’s Cue” column on the Asnycnow Radio blog and on “The City & My Life” blog on WordPress, A.Cusamano, and Jeff were the most vocal. A Cusamano said: “At 10 pm we always turn on pix 11 news, always.Not any more. Pix news 11 can show all the positive news about the new format that it wants to,I and most people I know,do not like it, and I will not turn to pix news 11again.I truly regret this decison and really enyoyed pix11 in the past. WHAT IN HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING. ”

And as for Jeff, he slammed the station management: “My wife and I have watched the PIX 11 news at 10pm nearly every night for more years than I can remember. After two nights watching the new format, we’ve switched to the Fox 5 news.
Whomever came up with the new format should be fired!!!
Bring back the old team PIX!!!!”

I want to say, to all the people , who commented on the articles, thank you very much for your opinions on the matter. I am truly appreciative of your comments.

However way WPIX wants to spin the publicity over the new ‘News at Ten” but myself and others out there are very displeased.