Continued about the best band under the sun…

I ended up writing about third album called “Dookie” by Green Day.  Then came to the world their new album called “Insomniac” . All songs wrote Billie Joe (frontman) during one night, because he couldn´t sleep, ´cause his son was still crying.  The album was released 10th October 1995. It contains 14 songs in total length of nearly 33 minutes.


1. “Armatage Shanks” , 2. “Brat”, 3. “Stuck with me”, 4. “Geek stink breath”, 5. “No pride”, 6. “Bab´s Uvula who” , 7. “86”, 8. “Panic song”, 9. “Stuart and the Ave”, 10. “Brain Stew”, 11. “Jaded”, 12. “Westbound Sign”, 13. “Tight Wad Hill”, 14. “Walking Contradiction”

The fifth album is Nimrod. It was released through Reprise Records on 14 October, 1997. Nimrod is more musically varied than previous Green Day albums. Nimrod also archieved critical respect and yielded the acooustic hit “Good Riddance (Time of your life)”  Playlist: 1. “Nice Guys Finish Last”, 2. “Hitchin´ a Ride”, 3.”The Grouch” , 4. “Redundant” ,  5. “Scattered” , 6. ” “All the Time” , 7. “Worry Rock”, 8. “Platypus (I hate you)”, 9.”Uptight” , 10: “Last Ride In”, 11. “Jinx”, 12 “Haushinka”, 13. “Walking Alone”, 14. “Reject”, 15. “Take Back”, 16. “King for a Day”, 17. “Good Riddance (Time of your Life) ” ,18.”Prosthetic Head”

The sixth album is Warning! It was released through Reprise Records on 3 October, 2000. The album has nonetheless been certified platinum in the United States and has sold over three milion copies worldwide, as of 2010. Warning was reissued on vinyl on 14 July, 2009. All lyrics is written by Billie Joe Armstrong except “Misery” by Green Day .  Playlist is  1.”Warning”, 2. “Blood, Sex and Booze”, 3. “Church on Sunday”, 4. “Fashion Victim”, 5. “Castaway”, 6. “Misery”, 7.”Deadbeat Holiday” , 8. “Hold On”, 9. “Jackass” This album

Next, I´ll write abut later albums . I hope you enjoyed and like my article. Thanks for your time 🙂