The Friday Cue: BBC News is the “news” with less people

As of Midnight UK Time on Friday the fifth of November, many BBC journalists who are in the UK’s National Union of Journalists have begun their strike forcing the BBC’s news division- which is the largest newsgathering division in the world- to a halt.

This strike immediately affecting their news services, news programs across BBC Television ( BBC News at 1,6,10 on BBC One, 60 Seconds on BBC Three) their news channels (BBC News Channel, BBC World News, BBC Arabic, etc) and the well known and respected BBC World Service Radio which airs around the world, and the UK domestic radio station, the also respected BBC Radio 4.

Director-General of the BBC, Mark Thompson released a statement saying, “We are disappointed that the NUJ have gone ahead with today’s industrial action. This is despite the other four unions accepting our revised offer, and feedback from staff that indicates the same. It is the public who lose out and we apologise to our audience for any disruption to services”

How does this affect us? Since the BBC is the largest newsgathering operation in the world, it affects everyone from the United Kingdom to the United States.

The most hard is both the BBC World Service Radio and BBC Radio 4. Since both Radio 4 and World Service Radio are all-news station, they have mostly gone into repeats of past shows.

Other BBC services are working normally or at a reduced pace because of this. Their websites (including news in 32 other languages) are being updated but a limited pace, rather than minute-by minute.

The BBC also provides news capsules for PBS stations across the countries and for other TV providers around the world.

This really does not affect me that much, seeming how I am in New York, but the people of the UK are much more affected than I am. However, with repeats and other such happening on BBC World, and across BBC services it proves that with a strike, the BBC manages to still be the largest newsgathering in the world- with less people.
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