Andy’s Cue: The plus and minus of being on Internet Radio

When syndicating and taping shows for Asnycnow Radio, the plus side you can hear differing opinions, the bad thing is the tech screwups and unintentional mistakes

As many people may know, I syndicate and present a few radio shows for Asnycnow Radio (pronounced as-in-y-c-now).

The hardest part of doing these shows is not the guest booking, or prerecording these shows or syndicate these shows and air them via Internet Radio Services but when doing live radio shows is the hardest part to do.

Let me explain a little bit, as to what I do.  Asnycnow Radio has four radio stations to account for:

  • All-news station Asnycnow Radio  1
  • Music and Entertainment station Asnycnow Radio 2
  • Culture and The Arts station Asnycnow Radio 3
  • and Science/Nature and rebroadcast (or repeater) station Asnycnow Radio  4

The trouble of doing one live show after another is consistency and transmission issues. One minute, I can be taping an all-news show about the G20 and Global Climate and then jump into a live show about Music and Celebrity news. Another issue is whenever the guest(s) have an issue they want to address and they cant due to the host(s)’s bias or refusal to hear it and the guest(s) having problems hearing our audio and vice-versa.

 One example of things going wrong during an Internet Radio show taping, was on the April 25th edition of the now-cancelled “The Conversation with Vicki Nikolaidis” which aired from Sunday afternoons during the time period of February to April 2010. The show was since replaced with the 5-week run of “the Progressive Politics Show” and the Sunday edition of the Asnycnow radio show “This Morning” which airs from 10am to noon New York Time. On the Day in question, we had two guests: Author/Blogger Shyam Gohil and Teacher Sumanthi Mohan.  Presenter, and former European editor for Asnycnow, Vicki Nikolaidis was having audio troubles during the on-air show and on our internet stream.

I was called in to help out, since I presented the show that preceded “The Conversation”, “The World Today”. It was a troubling issue because I was in New York, Vicki was in Greece, Sumanthi was in India and Shyam was in Texas.    The Issue was that Shyam  and Sumanthi were talking over each other and were not aware of the technical issues before hand.   We eventually had to tell the guest to end the conversation (no pun intended) to leave ahead of time with our apologies.

We were able to fix the technical screwups by the next radio show, which was a four-day newscast, “The Late Journal”, but  the weekly show ‘The Conversation” was cancelled.

It was a fun time doing “The Conversation” but we all moved on, Vicki left the European Editor position and is serving a reduced role at Asnycnow and is serving as editor of her new show on a different channel.

Who knows what can happen next when taping, but we all have found new ways of dealing with the issues.

All Asnycnow shows continued to be the most listened to and our listenership is growing based on our Radio shows and Stations.

On November 14th, Asnycnow Radio 1 had 300 podcast listeners and 325 listeners during the live internet stream of “The World Today” and Asnycnow Radio 3 had 425 podcast listeners, 400+ listeners during the live stream of “Culture w/Ruth Paget” and Asnycnow Radio 3 is now on iTunes.

In order to get here, we had to do a lot of hard work and sit through many technical difficulties in order to  be where we are today.

 A lot of Radio shows never made it past a third episode, other shows became the most listened shows on our lineup and listeners are still telling us ways of how to improve our lineup.

We care about our listeners and it does us great by hearing compliments on our shows.