The Week Ahead: 29 November – 5 December 2010

These are some of the stories destined this week’s headlines.

WikiLeaks cables, tensions between North Korea and South Korea and another round of Climate Change talks in Cancun.

Leaders from around the world are meeting in Cancun, Mexico for another round of talks on Climate Change following up from last year’s meeting in Copenhagen. This year’s meeting is smaller and leading up to it has not received the hype of the one in Denmark which ended without a binding climate treaty.

Whistle-blower website WikiLeaks on Sunday released around 250000 cable messages sent by US diplomatic staff around the world giving a peek into of some of the United States’ global concerns, and the site will be releasing more classified documents early this week. The details disclosed within the documents as well as the political fallout is sure to be making this week’s headlines.

Most following the news last week will know of the tensions currently building between South and North Korea after North Korea fired shells onto the island Yeonpyeong, resulting in the deaths of four South Koreans. Just recently China has called for an emergency meeting between the key nations in the issue.

Also coming up this week,

On Thursday FIFA will be announcing the host cities of the 2018 as well as the 2022 World Cups .

On Tuesday the Pentagon will be releasing its report on the highly publicized “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”-policy currently being used within US military ranks, which tries to restrict actions to disclosure of gay personnel while barring those who are openly gay.