The Week Ahead: 5 December – 12 December 2010

These are some of the stories coming up in the week ahead.

Ireland releases its budget, WikiLeaks revelations continue, and the international day against corruption.

Ireland, which currently seeking a economic rescue package from the EU and the IMF, is releasing its budget on Tuesday. The budget will most likely contain large cuts to public spending as well as the potential elevation of taxes. The country needs to meet certain criteria in order to receive the rescue package and last month the country unveiled a strategy to save 15 billion euro in the coming four years.

The quarter of a million US embassy cables leaked by the website WikiLeaks have made headlines all of last week and will most likely continue to be a centerpiece of media coverage this week. The leaks have unmasked a diplomatic world which is used to its concealment, causing embarrassment and controversy for many leaders around the world.

Thursday marks the International Anti-Corruption Day. The day was instituted by the UN in 2003 in order to raise awareness about corruption worldwide. This day is also the day that Transparancy International will be releasing its annual corruption barometer.

Also coming up this week.

A summit between Russia and the EU is scheduled for Tuesday, where it is likely that a deal for Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization will be formalized.

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony will be held in Oslo, Norway, on December 10. This year’s winner is Liu Xiaobo, who will not be receiving the award in person as he is currently serving a jail sentence in China.