The Week Ahead: 10 January-15 January 2011

Here are some of the news coming up in the week ahead…

OECD points to strong economic recovery, Shooting in Arizona may cause a rethink in politicasl rheteric,Sarcozy and Obama talks global food prices, ETA rebels call for a truce, China seeks to ease US concerns, Carter: Couth Sudan should not carry debts if suceed is accomplished, Wall Street dump most Treasuries since 2004.

The shooting rampage in Tucson, Arizona, that killed six people and left U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition is contributing at least momentarily to a cooling of U.S. political rhetoric.

Wall Street banks are cutting their holdings of Treasuries at the fastest pace since 2004 as the world’s biggest bond firms bet that the economy will strengthen and demand for higher-yielding assets will increase.

President Nicolas Sarkozy arrives in Washington Monday for talks with US President Barack Obama. The visit comes as France takes the helm of both the G8 and G20, with food price regulation and currency stability high on Sarkozy’s agenda.

After tens of thousands of people across Southern Sudan went to the polls in a referendum that could bring independence to the region, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter spoke to CNN International’s “Connect the World” Monday that Sudan’s president has told him Southern Sudan should not have to shoulder Sudan’s debt should it successfully secede.

The Basque separatist group Eta has announced a permanent ceasefire in its fight for independence from Spain.  In a video statement sent to the media, the group said the truce would be “internationally verifiable”.

Economic activity was set to accelerate in the United States, China, Japan and France in November, while other European countries showed signs of stabilisation, the OECD said on Monday

China’s defense minister has sought to play down the country’s military build-up, after talks with US counterpart Robert Gates in Beijing.

Also in the news this week….

The Green Bay Packers withstood a late rally by Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles to become the third road team to win in four games during the opening round of the National Football League playoffs.

The lawyer for six green campaigners in the UK says police need to answer “serious questions” about an undercover officer who infiltrated their group.

The shortlist of names for FIFA’s top goal of 2010 looks like a who’s-who of world football’s biggest stars.   Some of the names are Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi is among the 10 nominations, as is Dutch wing-wizard Arjen Robben, Brazilian wonder-kid Neymar and French midfield maestro Samir Nasri.

Burma’s new parliament will hold its first session in 22 years on Jan. 31, state radio said Monday. Military rulers hail the new legislature as democratic while opposition parties continue to criticise the newly formed assembly.

And Finally….

Bangladesh suspended trading on the Dhaka Stock Exchange Monday when stocks fell a record 9.25 percent causing security officials to use batons and tear gas to disperse angry investors upset over the market plunge.

Flash floods have hit Queensland, killing at least four people with several more missing, as heavy rains continue to pound the Australian state.

The Tunisian government has said it will listen to protesters, after weeks of unrest over high unemployment and the cost of living left dozens of people dead and raised the tensions.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday defended the controversial demolition of a historic Palestinian hotel in east Jerusalem to build new homes for Jewish settlers

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic is withholding the fees it pays airport operator BAA because of its “slow reaction” to last month’s heavy snow.

Auto sales in China rocketed 32% in 2010, hitting 18.06 million units sold. The figure is a new record and comfortably secures China’s position as the world’s biggest auto-industry market