“Sunday Talk” now on Sunday Mornings on Radio 1

The Asnycnow Radio show “Sunday Talk” has found a new home on the blue station–Asnycnow Radio 1 and a new time airing from 10am to 12pm ET.

Starting in Mid-March, “Sunday Talk” will air on the mornings and joins the “This Morning” brand of programming and replaces “The World Today” which actually moved to Saturday afternoons airing from 12p-2p on the blue station and Asnycnow Radio 3′s “The Culture Show” which also saw the move to Saturdays but now joins the “This Morning” brand of on-air breakfast shows produced by Asnycnow Radio and will air from 10am-11:30am on the “pink station” aka (Asnycnow) Radio 3. The new change in programming also involves the new show “Sunday” airing on the “green station” aka Radio 2 from 1-3p.

The show will be produced by Asnycnow’s Sunday Radio Show Division (or SRSD for short) due to a pooling of resources and will also be available on its standalone podcast at http://asnycnowsunday.podbean.com with an official recap show airing on Asnycnow.Fm