Weather Outlook April 25

A stubborn front draped across the Midwest and Plains will continue to be the focal point for strong storms and heavy rain for Monday. Another round of severe weather will be likely.

The month will finally start feeling more spring-like as temperatures warm up as far north as the Upper Plains. The Ohio and Mississippi valleys will not catch a break yet as more severe weather is expected to blossom along a front that has been stationary for the last few days. Storms are expected to fire up during the afternoon and evening from Texas to Ohio.

As warm, moist air continues to flow into this system, it will allow storms to produce damaging winds, large hail, and the possibility of tornadoes. Highs will range from the 70s and 80s from the Ohio River to the Lower Mississippi Valley.

The rest of the nation`s midsection will see chances for showers and thunderstorms as well, but widespread severe weather will stay mainly south.

North of this system, milder air will be found as temperatures hit the 50s and 60s from the Dakotas to the Great Lakes, with some 70s in the Central Plains. Another Pacific storm will drive rain and mountain snow into the West and Rockies.

The Wasatch, Cascades, and Bitterroots will all see a chance for wet snow while a cooler rain falls at the lower elevations.

Highs will hit the 50s along the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West, while higher elevations hit the 30s and 40s. Southern California will stay dry, as will the Southwest, with temperatures warming to the lower 70s in Los Angeles and the upper 80s in Phoenix.

Heading east, scattered showers will fall from New England to the Mid-Atlantic.

North of that front bisecting the country, temperatures will hit the 50s and 60s from Boston to Buffalo, N.Y.. South of it, highs will hit the 70s and 80s from Philadelphia to Charlotte, N.C. The Southeast will stay mainly dry Monday with a few afternoon thunderstorms popping up in Florida. Highs will remain in the middle-to-upper 80s.