New York Times’s Manga Best-sellers list is back!

After a ten-month break from “The City & My Life“, the official home of “Programa do Salcedo” and “Radio Two: Sunday”, The New York Times’s Manga Best-sellers List is back at its new home: Asnycnow Radio Online!

Starting August 11th 2011, the highly-claimed Manga best-sellers list compiled by The New York Times will also have a second home on Asnycnow Radio Online.

The column was featured in “The City & My Life” from August 14th 2009 and November 8th 2010, from then the column was on a longer-than-expected break but the column will be back online and will start with the books from the month of July 2011.

The column will be online starting August 11Th and will be updated every weekend online on Asnycnow Radio Online and Every Sunday in the Book Review section of The New York Times.