Wishing Everyone a Happy Holidays

A special message to the Asnycnow Radio family and our fans from out Diplomatic Editor, Charles Ray

To the Asnycnow Radio family and all our fans, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday and a great new year.  I’ve been away for a while – at least from this venue – working on my submission for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for 2012 – a fantasy sequel to my book “Angel on His Shoulder.”  This will be my third attempt at the ABNA, so wish me luck.

I hope to be a more frequent contributor in 2012, but one never knows what fate has in store.  Just keep logging on, keep listening – it’ll make Andy happy I’m sure.

The year that’s about to end was a bad one for dictators, with despots falling like leaves in fall.  With luck, we’ll see a few more fall in the coming year.  I don’t like to wish ill on anyone, but the world will be better off with their departure; and, let’s hope those who remain will leave willingly.

For More on Charles Ray, you can visit the “Ray’s Rambling” page on Asnycnow Online.