2 for 1: Milkshake Diplomacy and Cape Town’s secret for a Day Trip

Welcome to Asnycnow’s new 2 for 1 feature, where we bring you two (or more) articles either written by the author or an aggregation of news articles and opinions which is based on the now-discontinued Asnycnow Online column ”The Week Ahead”.  Note that the views in the articles link does not reflect the views of Asnycnow Online or its writers unless explicitly stated otherwise. On this edition, we feature Diplomatic Editor and retired U.S. Diplomat Charles Ray was the subject of an article for the Christian Science Monitor and a travel story he did for Yahoo! Voices.

Christian Science Monitor: What Diplomats Do – Milkshake Diplomacy

When you’re a diplomat, you often get asked to describe what you do.  This can happen in the strangest of places.  Read this article in Christian Science Monitor to see how I handled it on one occasion.  Here is an excerpt:

” How do you explain what an ambassador’s job is? That’s a tough one. My 8-year-old knows what police officers do, or at least what they are supposed to do: He sees them on the streets of his homeland Zimbabwe often enough. Ditto for teachers, shop clerks, and TV anchors….”

Yahoo! Voices: How Cape Town taught me the secret of Great Day Trip!

I travel a lot on business, often without enough time to really enjoy a place – or, so I thought.  Two quick visits to Cape Town taught me how to get the most out of a place in a relatively short time.  Read more here http://voices.yahoo.com/how-cape-town-taught-me-secret-great-one-11684962.html?cat=16. Here is an excerpt:

“During my first visit to Cape Town in 2010, I had to fly to Copenhagen after spending a day, which in itself was an adventure, I hired a car and had the driver take me through most of the city’s historically famous neighborhoods. That was interesting, but I wanted more. My next trip gave me the opportunity to discover that you can, in fact, do more — much more.”

To read more about Charles’s trip to Cape Town or his interview with the Christian Science Monitor, click the corresponding links.

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