2 for 1 Reblog edition: Politics, Politics and Politics with Charles Ray

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From Charles Ray’s personal blog charlieray45.wordpress.com

Red and Blue: The colors of American Politics

Colors have meaning.

The color red is the color of fire and blood; it is associated with energy, danger, war, strength, power, passion, and determination.  A very emotional color, red increases respiration rate and raises blood pressure.  It is used as an accent color to stimulate quick decisions, and is widely associated with danger.  The color blue, on the other hand, is the sky and sea, and is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness.Read More here….

The Election’s over– but the Politics have Just Begun

The election is over, and most of the ballots have been counted. It doesn’t matter, though, because enough ballots have been counted and certified to let us know who won the election except for a few local races that are still being adjudicated. Barack Obama is back in the White House for four more years, the Democrats retained control of the Senate with a slight increase in their majority, and the Republicans kept the House of Representatives, although, thankfully, a few of the nuttiest Tea Party representatives got sent home packing.  Read More….

Signs of the Election—or of the times.

Unlike the 2008 election, signs and bumper stickers are not as numerous in 2012…

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