The Writer’s Ten Commandments

Charles Ray with the ten commandments that every writer should follow.

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Writer's Ten Commandments


  1.  Don’t ever let anyone convince you that you’re not a writer.  This is the most important thing to keep in mind, because, along the way there will be many who will try to divert you from your goals, from family to the educational system.
  2. Never forget that you write to be read.  Unless you’re one of those artsy writers who write only for your own pleasure, remember that your reader is your customer.
  3. Begin at the beginning.  Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, start in the appropriate place.
  4. Don’t use ten words when one will do.  Now, writers are supposed to use words, and the more the better, right?  Wrong.  If a word doesn’t contribute to the understanding or forward movement of your story, cut it.
  5. Get your reader’s attention with the first sentence.  When someone picks up something you’ve written, make sure the first sentence grabs them by…

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