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Following is the opening chapter of a new work in progress, a tale of international intrigue and betrayal, The White Dragons. Below the excerpt, I’ve also included the preliminary cover art that I’ve done for this work.

The black ZIL threw up a rooster tail of dust as it sped along the winding dirt track that passed for a road.

The sun was a semi-circle of dull orange, handing in a dead gray sky behind the jagged peaks of the mountains to the west, casting elongated purple shadows over the bleak and desolate landscape.

There were few trees; a few stunted saplings, gnarled and twisted by the wind, hunched over the parched earth like ancient gnomes, their roots penetrating deep into the earth in search of the rare underground pool of water. Here and there, small flockss of sheep that had spent the day grazing on the rough grass that…

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