Review of ‘Lifeboat’ by A.B. Shepherd

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Lifeboat_Cover_Front.New. Although A.B. Shepherd’s Lifeboat begins with Graham watching helplessly as his friends Cass and Rhys are abducted by an alien ship, Graham is quickly reduced to a minor character in a story with more twists and turns than a Coney Island roller coaster. The main character, readers soon discover, is Cass, a woman who, along with her family, has lost everything, and who is seeking some meaning in her life.

Shepherd uses multiple points of view and shifting timelines to fairly good effect in building tension and suspense in this tale of alien abduction – with a dramatic twist at midpoint that I won’t spoil for potential readers by revealing.

While it was a bit disconcerting at first, the way Shepherd takes us directly to the alien vessel with Rhys, while weaving back and forth in time with Cass from Australia to the ‘lifeboat,’ the longer you read, the more…

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