Review of “Going Thru Hell” by T.J. Loveless

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Kylie is a Braider; a mortal with the ability to serve as a link between the worlds of humans and the immortals. Because of this, many of the immortals both hate and fear her, while others seek to protect her. For Kylie, though, the only objective that matters is to save her son, born of a union between her and the son of Thor, the god of thunder.

In T. J. Loveless’s Going Thru Hell, we follow Kylie’s often madcap adventures as she comes to grips with the true limits of her powers; deals with raging emotions; and tries to survive.

Loveless has woven a fascinating tale of fantasy, adventure, laced with generous helpings of ribald humor that will keep you reading until the last page, and then gasping for breath, and wanting more.

Go on a wild ride with Kylie from one end of the U.S…

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