Marketing Your Book: Like a Trip to the Dentist

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InsecureWritersSupportGroupThis is my second posting for Alex Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writer Support Group.  This month, I’m addressing an issue that really bothers me sometime, and that I know bedevils other writers, marketing what you’ve written.

Make no mistake about it, writing; serious writing; is hard work. After deciding what to write, you struggle with how to most effectively express it in words, sentences, and paragraphs. When you plotted, planned, and shaped those words, you then have to face the daunting task of re-writing and editing to make sure you’ve expressed yourself in the best possible way.

If you think, after you’ve done all that, the job is done; stop, have a cup of coffee and listen up. The job’s just started. Unless you’re writing merely for your personal amusement, you want to be read, and that means you have to take the next step – and, it’s a big one…

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