Review of ‘Bullet Catch’ by Scott Jenkins

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The ‘Krokodil’ is an efficient killing machine. When activated, he kills without feeling or mercy. But, on his final mission things go badly wrong when he encounters a small boy with a cape and wand and then the boy is killed by one of the agents with whom he’s working. Suddenly, the ‘Krokodil’ is ‘Adam,’ and he’s confused. He has to find his mother, Lena, to end the confusion.

It is with this chilling scene in Scott Jenkins’ Bullet Catch: Smoke & Dagger Book 1 that we’re plunged into the murky world of rival intelligence agencies and spies, intermixed with the world of magic performed by Nora and Mike Watson, the famous Watson Family, who also happen to be spies for the CIA.

Bodies start turning up in Berlin, and all indications point to the Watsons, until it looks like they, too, are targets of a mysterious group of assassins…

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