Interview with Historical Novelist Mirella Patzer

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I’m privileged to feature an interview with Mirella Patzer, a Canadian author who specializes in historical romance fiction. She writes sweeping historical, with a touch of romance, set in an exciting period of world history. But, why don’t I let her speak for herself.

Author Mirella Patzer Author Mirella Patzer

  1. What got you started writing historical romance fiction?


To tell you the truth, I never intended to write historical romance. What launched my interest in writing was my desire to write about my family’s history during World War II Italy. The Battle of the Moro River occurred on my grandfather’s vineyards, lands that are still owned by my mother and her sister. 2000 Canadian soldiers died, but the won and freed my mother’s town, San Leonardo, from the Nazis. It is a tale of survival and devastation as experienced by my mother who was an eight year old child. The family had…

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