Review of ‘The Billion Dollar Spy’

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The Billion Dollar Spy
by Pulitzer Prize winning author David E. Hoffman is a riveting tale of one of the CIA’s most successful espionage operations, conducted in the heart of the former USSR, right under the noses of the vaunted KGB. Based on unclassified CIA reports and interviews with individuals who were intimately involved, the story of Adolf Tolkachev, an engineer in one of the Soviet’s secret military labs, who voluntarily offered some of his country’s most closely-guarded secrets to the Americans, reads like fiction—but, it’s real.

Hoffman pieces together a compelling story of Tolkachev’s life and death, and the story of American spycraft during the early years of the CIA’s efforts to define its role in the life and death struggle between the two superpowers. He presents an in depth assessment of the CIA’s efforts to recruit and run spies inside the Soviet Union during a time when…

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