Artistic collaboration

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Creative collaborations are not new; writers do it all the time. One of my favorite authors, James Patterson, does whole series with different co-authors. Where I had not thought of collaboration, though, was creative graphic arts, such as paintings, until my wife, Myung strong-armed me into it. A Korean by birth, she’s into group-think as opposed to my unbridled Texas individualism. She’s a good sketch artist, though, with a natural talent for copying things. She decided to take an art class at a local community center, taught by a well-known Korean artist, and discovered that she’s not as confident about applying color to canvas or paper as she’d like to be. So, naturally, she suggested that I do the coloring of her sketches. I was reluctant at first, but since I was back into painting at the time, and some of her sketches were quite nice, I decided to go…

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