Asnycnow Radio has various Online Features where our Editors can Write about what is on their minds, whether it be a Book Review or Storytelling  to someone’s different take on the news.  Email us with your questions at asnycnow.featured@gmail.com


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Guest Editorial  Our Guest Authors from time to time will write a Guest Editorial using their opinions, NOTE: Their Opinions are theirs and theirs alone.

News Round-up Asnycnow Radio editors will share some of the stories- national and otherwise- that have them talking about  in the “News round-up”, there will be two round-ups on Mondays- Thursdays, with a Weekend round-up on Fridays and Saturdays

Ray’s Rambling

Charles Ray, who has been writing fiction since he was 12, with a winning short story entry in a national Sunday school publication.He is the author of two mystery e-novels, “Color Me Dead” & “Deadline.” Asnycnow’s ‘Ray’s Rambling’ pieces will feature Short Stories, Fantasy and More.

2 for 1   The new 2-for-1  feature, where we bring you two (or more) articles either written by the author or an aggregation of news articles and opinions which is based on the now-discontinued Asnycnow Online column ”The Week Ahead”

New York Times’ Manga Best-Sellers List  The New York Times newspaper list the manga bestsellers in the United States for the week.

Asnycnow Health This blogpage will feature the latest Health news from various news sources from around the world.

Asnycnow News & DOTFM News The official  news division of Asnycnow Radio. DotFm News serves as the on-air name for news bulletins whereas Asnycnow News is the online name.

Haiti Asnycnow Radio Will Continue to Update This Page on The Latest Developments from Haiti until the people of Haiti are comfortable in homes with plenty to eat

Environment  This blogpage will also talk about the latest environment news happening around the world, including special reports and TV shows from news agencies from around the world.