Asnycnow Radio 2′s new show, “Sunday” will feature music and entertainment and what’s up in the music world.

Our new show will feature 4 30-minute blocks airing live on Asnycnow Radio 2 from 1p to 3p

Block “A” 1p to 1:30p

  • “Newsfix” airing from 1:15-1:22p
  • Entertainment news airing from 1p-1:15p
  • Music news airing from 1:22-1:25p
  • “Song of the Block” from 1:25-1:30, handover to block “B”
  • (note: on air the song will be known as ‘Song of the Half”)

Block “B” 1:30 to 2p

  • “Cover Story” airing from 1:30-1:40
  • Entertainment news airing from 1:40-1:50
  • Music news airing from 1:50-1:57
  • “Song of the Hour” from 1:57 to 2p, handover to 2p hour of “Sunday” and Block “C”

Block “C” 2p to 2:30p

  • “NewsFix” airing from 2:10-2:15
  • Sports news airing from 2:15-2:17
  • Entertainment news airing 2:17-2:25
  • Music news airing from 2:25-2:30
  • Handover to Block “D”, the 2:30 half of “Sunday”

Block “D” 2:30 to 3p

  • Entertainment news airing from 2:30-2:40
  • Music news airing from 2:40-2:45
  • “End of Story” airing from 2:45-2:52
  • “Songs of the Day” airing from 2:52-3:00