September-November 2010

Here is the official rundown of the first season of the Asnycnow Radio 3 show, “The Culture Show”, which aired from Sepetember 18th 2010 to November 21st 2010. During this period, the show was called “Culture with Ruth Paget”  and was presented by Arts/ Literature editor, Ruth Pennington Paget

SEPT 12th /18th : Introducing Ruth Paget ; Japanese Culture

Welcome to the new ‘Culture’ show! The Point of this show is to put a ‘human face and emotion’ on countries in the news.  On Today’s show Asnycnow Europe Editor and presenter of ‘The Conversation’ airing on Asnycnow Radio 1, Vicki Nikolaidis interviewed Asnycnow’s newest Arts/ Literature editor and Presenter of ‘Culture’,Ruth Paget.

These were the books we were discussing on the show:

1. Eating Soup with Chopsticks by Ruth Paget
2. How to Look at Japanese Art by Addis
3. Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art by Tsuji
4. Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics by Schodt
5. Power Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life by Kohler
6. A Hundred Years of Japanese Film by Richie
7. Japanese Society by Nakane

Regrettably, as we were on the air, our microphones weren’t working as well as they should of and we wound up going mute for the entire show, so we are re-doing the show on Saturday, September 18th at 11am ET/ 8am PT.

SEPT 19th : Chinese Culture, Part 1: PRC

The September 19th and 26th ‘Culture’ shows will be dedicated to Chinese Culture. This Week on the 19th’s Show It will talk about Chinese Culture as seen and depicted by the locals.

Here are some of Our guests for the show:

  • Judy Zhu, Modern Chinese Cultural Encounters (iUniverse)
  • Colin Thubron, Behind the Wall (Little, Brown & Co.)
  • Red Pine, Poems of the Masters (Cooper Canyon Press)
  • E. N. Anderson, Food of China (Yale University Press)
  • Maxwell K. Hearn, How to Read Chinese Paintings (Met Museum)

SEPT 26th: Chinese Culture, part 2: Overseas Chinese/ Visitor-Immigrant’s Experiences

The September 19th and 26th’s ‘Culture’ shows will be dedicated to Chinese Culture. The Sept 26th’s Show will be about an Immigrant’s Experience in China and a Visitor’s take on Chinese Culture.

These are our guest authors for the show:

  • Belle Yang, Forget Sorrow, (Norton)
  • Judy Zhu, Modern Chinese Cultural Encounters (iUniverse)
  • E.N. Anderson, Food of China, (Yale University Press)
  • Maxwell K. Hearn, How to Read Chinese Paintings (Met Museum)

OCT 3rd: Murder Mystery RoundUp

This Week’s Show is dedicated to the genre Murder Mystery with our guest authors:

  • Matt Beynon Rees, Omar Yussef Series set in Gaza Strip (Soho Press
  • J. Sydney Jones, Viennese Mystery Series (Minotaur Books)
  • Arnaldo Correa, Cold Havana Ground, (Akahasic Books)
  • Barbara Nadel, Istanbul Mystery Series, (Felony & Mayhem)
  • Janet Gleeson, The Serpent in the Garden, (Simon & Schuster)
  • Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Spanish Murder Mysteries, (Harcourt)

OCT 10th : Cultures of the Middle East

We are dedicating this week’s show to Culture in the Middle East with our guest authors:

  • Matt Beynon Rees, Cain’s Field, (Simon & Schuster)
  • Elizabeth Wornock Fernea, Guests of the Sheik, (Anchor)
  • Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi, Grandmother’s Secrets: The Ancient Rituals and Healing Powers of Belly Dancing, (Interlink)
  • Bernard Lewis, Faith & Power: Religion and Politics in the Middle East, (Oxford)

OCT 17th: Film Book RoundUp

This Week’s show is dedicated to foreign cinema.  Books reviewed include:

  • Alain Silver, The Film Noir Encyclopedia (Overlook)
  • Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, Oxford History of World Cinema (Oxford)
  • Louis Giannetti, Understanding Movies (Prentice Hall)
  • Sabine Hake, German National Cinema (Routledge)
  • Donald Richie, One Hundred Years  of Japanese Cinema

OCT 24th/14th: Travel Narrative Writing

We Are Prerecording this week’s show on October 14th at 5pm ET/2pm PT to air on October 24th at 12pm ET/ 9am PT. We are dedicating this episode to writing about Travel with our guest authors:

  • Colin Thubron, Behind the Wall, (Little, Brown & Co.)
  • J. Sydney Jones, Vienna Walks, (Henry Holt)
  • Jan Morris, Contact: A Book of Encounters, (Norton)
  • Bill Bryson, In a Sunburned Country, (Broadway)

OCT 31st: Online Art Exhibits Review

We are dedicating this week’s show to a review of Online Art Exhibits

Ruth will find three great exhibits from each continent to discuss online at the least.

This represents eighteen exhibits, but Ruth will find and review twenty just in case.

Also, Ruth will make sure to explain what online art exhibits are.

NOV 7th: CookBook RoundUp

We are dedicating this week’s episode to CookBooks with our guest authors:

  • Barbara Ghazarian, Simply Armenian, (Mayreni)
  • Rachel Laudan, The Food of Paradise: Exploring Hawaii’s Culinary Heritage, (Kolowalu Books)
  • Ken Albala, The Lost Art of Real Cooking, (Perigree Trade)
  • Elizabeth Luard, Classic Spanish Cooking, (MQ Publications)

NOV 14th: Historical Fiction RoundUp

We are dedicating this week’s episode of ‘Culture’ to the genre of Historical Fiction with our guest authors:

  • Matt Beynon Rees, (forthcoming book on Mozart)
  • J. Sydney Jones (Viennese books on Mahler and Klimt)
  • Jane Smiley, The Greenlanders, (Anchor)
  • Edward Rutherford, Russka: The Novel of Russia, (Ballantine)
  • I.J. Parker, Rashomon Gate, (Penguin Classics)

NOV 21st: End of the line, Best-of “Culture w/ Ruth Paget”re-runs

Ruth Paget will no longer be hosting this show. She and Asnycnow have parted ways amicably and the door is always open for her to return and host the show.

For the remainder of 2010, All past episodes of “Culture with Ruth Paget” will be re-aired with updated content and special featured that weren’t available on the day of airtime..